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Pandora is romantic, genuine, authentic and individual…


Pandora is an expression of art. Every woman creates and designs their own pieces, showing their different tastes, desires and personal style. This Danish company has been going for 30 years and is now a unique world of jewellery. As a gift, there is no jewel more symbolic, emotional and successful than what Pandora has to offer, as it is suitable for any woman, anytime. Life is full of unforgettable moments... what´s yours?

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Tommy Hilfiger

Everlasting classics


The Tommy Hilfiger brand was born in New York in 1985. It is conceived as a brand with a strong and distinctive identity. Tommy Hilfiger is classic, cool and American. It is a lifestyle, a declaration of intent. Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion spirit is faithfully reflected in the design of their watches: classic, American, with a self-confident type of casualness.

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Scuderia Ferrari

The italian spirit of Formula 1

Scuderia Ferrarri is an international sport’s brand thanks to its Italian heritage and the close connection with Formula One. It’s core collection radiates power, speed and elegance with memorable designs inspired in sports cars, car racing and the certitude of victory. Obtain your own Scuderia Ferrarri watch and feel the thrill of car racing where every second of absolute accuracy is vital for triumph.

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When arctic beauty inspires every second


Since one of the founders first visited the Arctic and brought back to us his fascination and beautiful pictures, we have all been fascinated and truly inspired by this astonishing landscape. Crystal clear waters; white, smooth and endless widths of snow; the perpetual ice – this is the image of simple and classic beauty.

A fascinating world made of water, ice and snow that impresses by its pure elegance.

We have used the Arctic as inspiration in designing a brand new watch line. The lines of glaciers have shown us how to transform ultra hard materials into smooth, streamline design and the beautiful eternal ice inspires our use of extremely durable materials such as scratch resistant HighTech-Ceramic and scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal. IT´S BERING TIME.

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Hugo Boss

Premium fashion


Hugo Boss is currently one of the leading brands in the premium fashion market, with a presence in more than 100 countries. It is an essentially male brand where elegance, sobriety and style go hand in hand. It is synonymous with success and it is fashioned for self-confident, cosmopolitan, chic men and women.

Nowadays, Hugo Boss is a very active brand in various sponsorships, and true to its image, the brand is committed to successful male figures. Hugo Boss watches were first launched in 1996.

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Casual elegance


The influence of its founder, René Lacoste, still defines the brand’s values: authenticity, casual elegance, personal fulfilment. Lacoste watches are fresh, young and colourful; its designs never lack in references to the legendary crocodile, an icon with international recognition.

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The perfect sports accessory for your wrist


Born in 1948, Puma is currently a global brand of lifestyle sports, with millions of consumers who use it and enjoy it. The brand has major assets in the history of sport - football, athleticism, sailing, Formula 1, motorcycling – all transferred to the category of watches. At Puma Time we believe that a watch is only as good as it looks -it is a fashion item, rather than a technical instrument conceived to measure time. Good designing has become part of our daily lives, increasing the expectations of our customers. Therefore, design is of paramount importance in everything that we do. We are Pionners in Modern desing for your wrist.

Puma Time has been designed for a wide range of consumers with different needs and wishes. In order to address them in the best possible way, we have designed two collections, both under the same unique brand identity, but with very different concepts.

"Active" is a sports digital watch, both dynamic and modern, while "Motorsport" offers a watch inspired by the world of engines and racetracks. These two concepts within the collection reflect different segments of the watch industry, which results in a broad market coverage. Altogether they are consistent, while they separately represent a particular sphere defined through specific products and marketing materials. Our collections signify variety, novelty, fashion, fun and diversity.

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Alex and Ani

Everybody looks for happiness, we create it


Alex and Ani is a celebrated, positive energy jewelry and lifestyle brand, known for their eco-friendly practices and their personal and meaningful designs and packaging. A company founded on awareness, empowerment, inner beauty and the human spirit, each piece is created to reflect the personality and importance of the wearer. Carolyn Rafaelian, Alex and Ani founder, is deeply committed to creating a greener future for the planet and its inhabitants. Reusing and recycling materials in the creation of her jewelry is an integral part of Rafaelian’s mission as a conscious, eco-friendly designer. Alex and Ani was created with the unique idea that the products you wear, speaks wonders about who you are, and what you value as important in this lifetime. Each product is designed and manufactured entirely in the United States.

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We follow our instinct


TechnoMarine has been dressing the most elegant, glamorous and sophisticated wrists in the world for over a decade. What started as an almost sacrilegious combination (TechnoMarine was the first brand ever to dare mix plastic and diamonds in the same watch) turned into an unprecedented success. Today, a host of imitators unsuccessfully seek for the same kind of accomplishment which catapulted this brand to fame.

TechnoMarine means luxury, fashion, glamour. And also “haute horlogerie”. The brand is especially targeted to unconventional, urban, revolutionary, stylish, self-confident people.

Without a doubt, Technomarine is a trendsetter. Its attractive advertising campaigns cause great impact each season.

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Zeno-Watch Basel

A matter of attitude


Zeno-Watch Basel history begins in 1868 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking, but it wasn't until 1922 that the first watch was manufactured under the brand name of Zeno-Watch Basel. Since 1949, the brand has been present at Basel fair. Currently Felix W. Huber presides over and runs the company in Basel (Switzerland) and he is one of the last independent Swiss manufacturers.

The brand is indisputably linked to aviation, not only by its logo, but also by the inspiration and design of its watches.

Zeno watches are known internationally by their quality, design and innovation, as well as for their prices. The strategy of Zeno-Watch Basel is neither sports or movie stars sponsoring, nor the organization of any trips to Mars, nor to invest in major advertising campaigns. The purpose of Zeno-Watch Basel is to focus on offering to the market a high quality Swiss watch at the most competitive price.

Zeno-Watch Basel is present in more than 43 countries. Citytime has distributed this brand for almost a decade.